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WE DO NOT sell puppies to kennel surroundings, neither do we sell for SHOW or BREEDING purposes - we sell PUPPIES, not adults!

On the other hand -

WE DO make sure to only use dogs healthy in both mind and body in our breeding, so IF you should later on want to breed from them or show, their origin would make a strong foundation! But the prime reason for purchasing a puppy should NOT be to breed from it or solely show. A puppy/dog should be brought in to the family to share your everyday life.

WHEN you have 'passed' as a future puppy-owner and we have a puppy for you, we sign a mutual agreement and the deposit (2.500 SEK) is payed to my account. If you decide not to go along with the buy, I will not pay the deposit back. If the puppy for any reason doesn't pass the vets check, the deposit will (of course) be refunded. We will always have 'the last say' about our puppies future home.

ALL our puppies are always reared in the house with the family and the other dogs. They are well fed with quality food.
They are
taking part of 'everyday-happenings' in a 'normal' (well...) family and so they should continue in their new family.

THEY are also registered in the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK), vaccinated, de-wormed, health checked and 'none-visible-disease-assured' for three years. As we have a long experience of what good and bad stuff there is to be found in the shops, they leave us with a small 'puppy kit' to start with.
Speaking of the SKK, as we follow their rules and regulations, we do not sell puppies on hire-purchase plans, neither do we sell our puppies as 'cut-price articles'.

IT is totally ok to begin our communication with an e-mail in which you let us know some ordinary facts about you and your life. F.e. where you live, work (but, it's not forbidden to be on sick leave or have a pension!), familysituation and so on.

 DO NOT forget to consider the fact that both Lowchens and Chihuahuas has an expected life span of 12-16 years!

So -

DO NOT buy a puppy if you're not really prepared to share your life with your furry friend for a considerable length of time!

WHEN you have read this and found all of it suitable for you, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or telephone.