Some items named 'Irish Mist', found on the internet :)




The most gorgeous liqueur
there is to be found!
Not only tasteful, 
also in a beautiful bottle

Another favourite -
the ultimate
dairy ice cream
with an
'Irish Mist'
flavour centre!

This one is also right
up my alley - 
'Irísh Mist' cake :))

Yet another yummy dish -
'Irish Mist'

Marmalade made with
'Irish Mist' liqueur










This is the stunning
'Irish Mist' rose

This is the  
'Irish Mist' Oxalis

 IF you must smoke why not use the finest tobacco??
The 'Irish Mist' ;-)

'Irish Mist' necklace

'Irish Mist' compact

'Irish Mist' fabric

'Irish Mist' Mystery shawl

'Irish Mist' panties

'Wee Bit of Irish Mist'

'Irish Mist' pebbles

'Irish Mist' folksongs

Sad to say,  not mine...

Not mine either...

...nor this 'Irish Mist' sailboat

'Irish Mist' mirror

'Irish Mist' ceiling texture

'Irish Mist' ceiling texture




Last but not in any aspect least
...this is a typical
'Irish Mist' puppy